Watch it. It won’t be in theaters much longer.

Fernanda and I were lucky enough to see it yesterday.

This movie is a mirror, held up right in your face, forcing you to look at the rotten foundations of America and the deadly cost of your own inaction.

Most of us (white people in general) aren’t mean racists. We don’t call black people the N-word or hate people because of their skin color. But most of us choose to be ignorant, and that is just as bad. Most of choose to ignore history and watch reality TV instead. Most of us give homeless people the cold shoulder and throw away money in the next breath.

We choose ignorance and inaction, as if that somehow cleanses us. It doesn’t. And this film shows you why you need to wake up. Fast.

The race problem is really America’s problem. Why was the N word invented? Why was the concept thought up, legalized, and imposed with force? Black people did not invent it. White people did. And while being white of course does not equal wrongdoing, it means that we have to understand what whiteness is and understand that our privilege, our assumed virtue, means the opposite burden for people of color. Don’t “stay in your lane” and ignore the real human suffering around you. Read a book. Listen to people. Learn. And be open.

Watch this film and think critically about the world around you.

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