Where We Go From Here

I’m beyond enraged by Trump’s actions today. Feels like a punch in the gut. But I want to bring something to your attention. Rage is heavy. Rage is misdirected. Rage is costly. This administration will do many terrible things, but we CANNOT allow ourselves to become paralyzed in anger. Read your history. Struggle is long, and many times we take steps backward. But stay committed, stay loving, stay aware. Rage does not persuade, but love can transform. Bring your talents to the world and do everything you can to make it a better place for us all to live. ❤

Big Money Donor to Head the Florida Dems

“Let’s do the same thing again. Maybe it’ll work out differently.” Stephen Bittel, a wealthy real estate developer, was elected to lead the Florida Party. It seems Party leadership is doubling down on the failed strategy that gave us Donald Trump. We don’t need more fundraising. (If money was so key, Hillary Clinton would be President.) We need to make people excited again, empowered. This move to elect the same kind of rich, middle-of-the-road, pro-business Democrat does nothing to prevent the implosion of the Democratic Party.

“They Live”: The Movie They Don’t Want You to See

My literature teacher, Jeffery Dearing, recommended this movie years ago and I’m glad I finally watched it. In “They Live,” the rich and powerful are part of an alien race dedicated to enslaving the human race through pop culture and consumerism, pretty much making it a documentary. I’m linking my favorite scene below. The Resistance makes sunglasses that expose the elite’s intentions. Roddy Piper looks at a billboard advertising a vacation to the Caribbean featuring a woman in a bikini. He puts on the glasses for the first time, and the billboard says MARRY AND REPRODUCE. He walks past a …

The Death of the Democratic Party

Last night, the Miami-Dade Democrats elected insider real-estate millionaire Stephen Bittel to lead the county party instead of progressive schoolteacher and former State Senator Dwight Bullard. The Democratic Party is delusional, exclusionary, and marked for extinction. It took place in the former Clinton HQ in Wynwood. There was even a big Hillary “H” painted on the warehouse wall, an eerie remnant from a dead campaign. FYI: to participate in electing the county party leader, you have to become a “precinct captain.” AKA: a complicated and obscure process designed to exclude most people from party decision-making. The meeting, scheduled to start …