Meditation for Better Life

We live most of our lives in compulsive thought–one worry after the next. I’m gonna experiment with meditation to enjoy life more and focus on right now.  Take some time during the day to slow it all down, breathe in and out, really feeling it. Traffic might be a good time to try this. It’s normally a stressful situation, but you can learn to deal with stress in your life by taking it slow and paying attention to your breathing. 

Keep Going When it Hurts

When you’re doing your work, there are going to be minutes that seem to stretch forever. That was my writing today. And that’s okay. It’s like that sometimes. Embrace that some days, you’ll feel like you haven’t moved the ball forward. But the fact that you didn’t quit is enough. Some days, I fly through the writing (not often). Some days, I feel that at least I moved the story forward. And some days (today), it was two hours of suffering. Hey, but I didn’t quit. Don’t quit. Do it, then do it again tomorrow. 

Trust Yourself and Keep Going

“Even if you let ‘em kill your dream, it’ll haunt you.” —J. Cole, “A Tale of 2 Citiez” Doing what you love, you will encounter huge resistance: the heavy cloud of doubt, the racing mind designed to distract you, the negative self-talk stealing your energy. Don’t give in. Fight through that. Do the thing you know will make you happy. Not give you pleasure necessarily, but make you happy. Doesn’t matter what people say. You wanna write? Do it. You wanna get married and have kids? Do it. You wanna build a business? Do it. It’s your life. Listen to …

“Wanting” Kills

You’re at your most relaxed, positive, impactful when your mind is on the present. Wanting your present to be different than it is, rejecting what is, is what causes suffering. I find I’m actually least effective and happy when I’m concerned about the future and thinking about infinite what-ifs (that usually have negative outcomes). If this sounds like you, take a breath, and accept what is. Accept where you are right now. Only when you drop the negativity can you be happy.

Count Your Wins

Right in the morning, I weighed myself. I lost 10 lbs in the last month. Macros and Fernanda have helped me get on a healthy track. Geydis calculated my macros for me and I’m never hungry. And Fernanda makes every meal delicious. Follow her blog Vibes For Dinner to see the proof (and the amazing recipes.) My other big win: I scored an interview for a summer internship in Communications. The company I applied to work for invited all the candidates to the office to get to know us, and I killed it. My one-minute pitch was fire and I met …