Count Your Wins

Right in the morning, I weighed myself. I lost 10 lbs in the last month. Macros and Fernanda have helped me get on a healthy track. Geydis calculated my macros for me and I’m never hungry. And Fernanda makes every meal delicious. Follow her blog Vibes For Dinner to see the proof (and the amazing recipes.)

My other big win: I scored an interview for a summer internship in Communications. The company I applied to work for invited all the candidates to the office to get to know us, and I killed it. My one-minute pitch was fire and I met some cool people. I want my work this summer to sharpen my skills in writing and storytelling. Hopefully I can make that happen. There’ll be a phone interview later this week.

And, finally, I get to cuddle with Fernanda tonight. Count your wins, your blessings, and the amazing people you have around you❤

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