Don’t Hate Trump Supporters

Here’s an unpopular opinion: we shouldn’t hate Trump supporters.

Yes, he and many of his supporters are guilty of racism, sexism, homophobia, you name it.
But we have to listen to them. There’s a reason why Trump is so popular.
His supporters have legitimate economic complaints and Trump has tapped into that rage. The lower and middle class of the United States feel betrayed by the political and economic elites, and they are right. The rich have too much of the pie and are using Washington to grow the monstrous slice they already have.
Free trade agreements that Hillary Clinton and people like her in Washington have supported are decimating the middle class. Big companies leave and entire towns become economic graveyards. Trump’s acknowledging that they have the right to be pissed. They are normal people whose footing has been completely washed away by policy in Washington.
We cannot continue to dismiss Trump’s supporters as stupid, sexist, racist, deplorable, etc. We need to listen to their concerns. A lot of what they’re saying is “we’re struggling economically and Washington doesn’t have our back.” They are right.
Now, I’m still voting for Hillary Clinton, but she is the embodiment of the problem. Her entire campaign is financed by huge companies who will have a big influence on policy once she gets elected.
That’s a big problem, and Trump is definitely not the one to fix it, but we will only get worse and worse “Trumps” until we throw out all the politicians (like Hillary Clinton) that link arms with the wealthy. They are keeping us down.

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