Getting Back to Healthy Habits

For the last month, I didn’t prioritize my health. I just kinda kicked the can down the road, going out to eat, skipping workouts. This weekend, Fernanda and I found ourselves just feeling bad, and we knew it was because we’d ignored our fitness for too long.

It really comes down to making the next decision a good one. Doesn’t matter if you’ve been off for a while. Just stop putting off what you know you need to do. Your body will thank you when you eat right and exercise.

My mind—and I think everyone experiences this—will try to convince me that I’ve failed before I even try. It’s really powerful, but it’s bullshit—it’s self-defeating. It’ll say that I’ll never be healthy because of how I ate this weekend, or that I’ll never write a good book because it’s just too hard, or that it won’t work out with Fernanda because I’ve seen very few successful relationships. It’s all bull. That negative thinking is how your mind tries to sabotage you, to keep you from even starting.

Just make the next decision a good one, and then do it again.

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