Happy Birthday, GaryVee!

I’m a young novelist in a world that tells young novelists they’ll just be unemployed. When I tell someone that writing fiction is my plan for after college, I know what they mean by the blank stare or the deadpan “That’s cool.” My family still tells me to go to law school. But voices like Gary’s help me back to what I love, back to center, back to the certainty that nothing does it for me like working on a novel day after day after day.

I’m sure he’ll go down as one of the greats because he inspires millions to be their true selves. I wanna wish him a big Happy Birthday because he’s made me happier, more self-aware, more patient, and more hardworking. I encourage you to listen to him.

Thank you, Gary, because you’ve not only given me practical advice, but core life values that I carry with me every day.Listen to his podcast: The GaryVee Audio Experience. Follow his insta @garyvee

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