Happy Finals Season!

Got so much to study, and I’ve done all kinds of stuff to avoid it.

Food, dog videos, coffee.

But it’ll get done. Because I’ve got my last test Tuesday, Civil Rights History, and my professor gave us the four prompts we’ll possibly be tested on. The final exam will be one of those essay questions, so I’ve got no excuse.

But there are more dogs to follow on Instagram! (Follow Doug the Pug if you haven’t already)

I’m posting this blog, and then it’s all finals work for the rest of the day, until I watch some Westworld with Fernanda later. That show is INSANE! We’re on episode four.

Sidenote: we had a nice holiday night yesterday. We decorated her house and tree with her family, got Chinese takeout, and watched a cheesy holiday Hallmark movie (they’re the best).

ANOTHER SIDENOTE: That new J Cole album is EVERYTHING! Definitely gonna post about that sometime soon.

Happy Finals Season!

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