Joseph Beam’s “Brother to Brother” is Healing

Had to read some Joseph Beam for Africana Studies and I’m blown away. Take a second to read this. Men need to take a break from competition to show love for each other.
Here’s a sample:
“I am at a poetry reading. The brother at the podium is reading a poem about his running buddy who was killed in Vietnam. At the gravesite of his dead friend, the poet reminisces about the big fun they’d had, sharing bottles of wine and hanging on the corner. Only when everyone has gone and he stares at the mound of dirt that covers his homeboy, can he utter: ‘Man, I really loved you. I really, really loved you.’
Why does it take us so long?
I, too, have been there. Two good high school buddies died within a year of our graduation: Chris in a charter plane crash on his way back to college, Steve of a heart attack while playing basketball. We were all nineteen and assumed life would go on. There seemed to be no rush to speak of how we cherished one another’s friendship. I was away at college when they were both buried; I will always regret that silence.”
Read a sample of Brother to Brother: Words from the Heart:

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