Make Today Great Again

I didn’t run today. I said I would but when the alarm came around at 5:50am, Fernanda and I did not stir. I just grabbed the phone and moved that sucker up to 7am.

And yesterday I ate a bunch of Halloween candy, and the Turkey Trot 5K (on Thanksgiving Day) is coming up in a few weeks. Fernanda and I wanted to run every day of November to be ready.

But we didn’t run today.

When I did wake up, all the other things I promised I’d do today seemed in doubt too. Novel? Maybe. Homework? Probably not. Eating healthy? No.

BUT! It is SO important to catch yourself at this stage. This is why it’s crucial to keep the promises you make to yourself. Big goals are daily habits, which require discipline and effort.

So when you find yourself at this stage, feeling pessimistic about the day, it’s vital to make your next decision a good one. You want to create momentum early in the day to make the whole day great.

So even if I didn’t get up at 5:50 to run, I can still have my morning shake. I can still write this blog. I can still make it to class at 9:30. I can still work on my novel for a few hours today. I can still have a healthy lunch that makes me feel good.

And guess what? I’m gonna feel so good later with what I accomplished that I’ll probably go for that run anyway.

Keep your promises to yourself. When you execute on those great ideas you have for yourself, you’re happier. You’re moving forward. But if you falter, even if you throw the whole day/week/year away, you can still get back up and do it.


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