Novel Update

Since January, I’ve been writing a novel based on me getting to know my Dad late in life and his battle with cancer.  

I’m done with the first fifth, and it’s already 200 pages. I found a writing mentor at UM to help shape the story and she’s been a huge help.

I usually just plow through a story with no thought to editing. My mentor recommended that I edit this first fifth, really nail it down to the essentials (70pgs max) so I have a solid format for the other four parts of the novel.

I’ve never gotten far enough in a project to give it serious editing so this new ground is stressful. But now at 4 am instead of writing, I’ll be trimming down this monster and hopefully getting a tight springboard for the rest of the story.

P.S. Thank you for all the birthday wishes. Key West with Fernanda was just what I needed. Shoutout to imperial stouts.

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