Trump is President

Yesterday I made a post about using technicalities of the Electoral College to give the election to Hillary Clinton. I’ve changed my mind. That would greatly radicalize Trump supporters and sow the seeds for a truly fascist candidate in 2020. Hillary Clinton lost by the rules both sides agreed to. The best step now is to organize and act.

Stop Trump from Becoming President

(Disclaimer: I’ve changed my mind.) Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. Most Americans that voted voted for her. We’ve seen the explosion of hatred and violence in the last few days. Racists are emboldened. They were more subtle before. Now they’ve got someone to look up to, someone that gets away with the stuff they’ve been burning to say. This is our last stand. The Electoral College votes on December 19th. Electors can change their votes. We can call and write to Republican electors and get them to switch their vote to Hillary Clinton. We can avoid the tragedy that is …

Calling All Progressives

Trump won. He’s our President. What do we do now? We fight. We organize. We make sure this never happens again. We learn the right lessons. We need to prioritize the economic empowerment of our communities. Our message needs to be built around giving everyone a chance to succeed. Raise the minimum wage. Make college free. Make healthcare universal. End mass incarceration. Protect the environment. Make elections fair. Make our candidates honest. We cannot afford more politicians like Hillary Clinton. No more candidates with, as she called it, a “public position and a private position.” We need a People’s Party. …

6 Lessons from Election Night

1. Hillary Clinton did not lose because she is a woman. Lots of Trump supporters are bigots. Absolutely. But people’s anger rests on the fact that Hillary Clinton represents the wealthy and out-of-touch class that dominates Washington. To say that she lost because she is a woman excuses her and the Democratic establishment of all wrongdoing. 2. Corporate Democrats are done for. DONE. Do not come at me with any corporate moderates anymore. They are extinct after last night. Corporate Democrats represent the worst in politics. They talk about empowering the working class before flying out to million-dollar fundraising events …

VOTE, a Guide

(A guide for voters in Miami-Dade) Vote for whoever you want, but vote. Regardless of what you think of our choices for President, there are plenty of names on your ballot that will have an even greater impact on your life. Find your polling place. Amendments: NO on 1 (because energy companies are trying to fuck you) YES on 2 (because we need to legalize ASAP) Judges: They are all Trump supporters.