Read More in 2017


Do it.

Good stories find themselves into your everyday life, they inform your relationships, they stay with you.

They shock you. There’s this book Naked Lunch by William S. Burroughs that I read a year and a half ago. I’m rereading it because it stuck with me. The images, the scenarios, the people, the tone. It reads like a disjointed series of nightmares, drug delusions. It’s disgusting/violent/obscene you name it! But the sentences in there…this book changed what I thought writing could be.

I’ll read some passages today on my Instagram Story so check it out.

I wanted to make my latest project similar, with crazy images, monsters that pop out of nowhere, a delusional protagonist. But I was keeping a consistent narrative. I was following the main character, and crazy shit happened, but I still stuck with the character. I’ve decided to go full-on “Naked Lunch” with it and ditch any consistent narrative. I’m cranking out these short, paranoid, chaotic, nightmarish visions, situations, people.

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