Sharing is Healing

Sharing your story can help you grow past what’s happened. I’ve felt compelled to write the story between my Dad and I. When I get lost in the writing I feel this warm, buzzing feeling in my body. I tap my foot and bob my head and blast out how I feel. Getting up to write feels like spending time with him, inhabiting a time when he was alive and cracking jokes or musing philosophically.

I craved my Dad for most of my life, and when the opportunity finally came to get to know him, it came with a deadline. But I’m grateful I even got that time. The book is structured around the four visits I made to my Dad in North Carolina in the last months of his life. I’ve drafted the first visit, but have to cut those 200 pages into 50 pages. Once I’ve got a somewhat polished first visit, I’ll have a model for the other three.

For this week and the next, I’m taking a step back from the writing but I’ll be reading a ton and watching classic movies to cleanse my creative palate. Hopefully it’ll help me approach the draft with fresh eyes.

Sharing your story means confronting pain, but you’ll grow and learn from what you’ve experienced. Submerging things you’d rather not look at does you no good. Even if no one ever sees it, writing it down is a huge help.

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