Thank God for Sweet Potato

I’m feeing pretty good about myself. At my campus job, there were two big boxes of luscious Mojo Donuts. And I didn’t have one.

Bro, two months ago, I would have taken down at least two or three. No question. I would’ve also regretted it before I was done. The payoff is never as good as your mind says it’s gonna be. Stay on track! Luckily, I could text Fernanda about it and she texted me back saying, “STAY STRONG! STAY FOCUSED!!”

So I had the lunch I made for myself: italian-seasoned chicken, rice, and sweet potato. As soon as I started lunch, I was happy I stuck to my routine. Now I get to tell you YES it is possible to resist temptation, no matter how delicious, and stick to your goals.

Today, that sweet potato was extra sweet.

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