Today Was a Good Writing Day: Here’s Why

Today was a good writing day. I put my trust in the process.

Yesterday was a bad writing day. I procrastinated and resisted it the whole way through. Like checking the time on the stairmaster every 30 seconds. Torture.

But today, I took the pressure off it. As I got up, I didn’t tire myself with thought, worrying about xyz. I didn’t ponder what I was gonna write or if I felt like writing. I just sat down and focused on being grateful that I have the opportunity to get up and do what I enjoy. 

I have some practical tips too. Don’t look at the time. Don’t. You will instantly regret it. Any momentum I build is blown away when I think, “Shit, I have forty minutes left?” I put sticky notes over the time Flowstate says I have left and usually write some inspirational message on it. Today it said,

Resistance will try to jerk your head away from the screen toward anything that will distract you. If you’re thinking about how much time you have left, you’ll never drift into that state where you’re transcribing what you see in your mental movie. That takes concentration and patience. I put a sticky note over the time on my phone for good measure. Seriously. Do this. Just set a timer that goes off when your time is up.

And don’t, please, don’t doubt the writing as you write it. That’s a sure killer of creativity. You cannot feel a story, characters, or your honest feelings about the world if you’re worrying whether so-and-so would make fun of what you wrote. That’s all mind tricks, shit to distract you from what you’re doing.

So sit down, ignore the time, and enjoy the process of writing. When you take the pressure off of it, it’s fun and smooth. And the funny thing is, the writing is always better when you’re not worried about quality.

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