Trump Baits CNN; They Fall For It

Trump struck gold yesterday with his tweet body-slamming CNN.

I saw it this morning, laughed, showed Fernanda, and moved on. But the media and Democrats have spent all day crying about how it’s an attack on the press. One commentator even said, “This is what the fascists did in the 30s!”

Whoa. Relax. It was funny. And it’s not like Trump’s wrong to say that CNN has it out for him. I’m all for calling him out when he’s wrong, and he gets it wrong all the time. But CNN spends all day manufacturing outrage headlines. They’ve become the #1 source for Russia conspiracy theories. 

Fernanda and I play this game. We turn on CNN or MSNBC and bet that we’ll hear the word “Russia” in the first few seconds. Try it. It works every time. I don’t even watch mainstream media anymore because it’s the same talking heads with the same tired points every day.

So Trump tweets this thing from Reddit and the media is on fire. He’s played them like a fiddle, again. Not only is the tweet funny, he knew they wouldn’t get the joke, further demonstrating themselves as blindly anti-Trump and out of touch. They took the bait and the self-righteous coverage about protecting the press has been almost as funny as the original tweet.

Hit Trump with facts and hammer him on policy. He’s got no defense there. His ideas are shit and he can’t get anything done. But don’t fall for the obvious trolling.

Bravo, Donnie. Bravo.

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