Use Your Downtime

I’ve got one more final on Tuesday and then I’m free.

I’m using this break to edit my first novel and work on another project. I wanna stay working hard.

It’s so important to make good habits and maintain them, even during a period of “de-stressing” like winter break. I want to be better positioned for success at the end of the break than I am right now. Vacations and chill time are important (I just got back from Manhattan a few days ago! Another post on that later.) but you have to use this free time to your advantage.

Realize that when you complain about not having enough time to pursue something during the semester: (1) you do have enough time and (2) you MUST take advantage of time off. If you really want to make something happen, put in the damn time and effort.

Don’t wait for graduation, or the end of the year, or whatever imaginary threshold in your mind.

Start now. Start yesterday.

Use this break to do things you’ll be proud of, whatever those things are to you.

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